Leaders in Contractual Manpower

With more than 35000 employees on our payroll SUKHMAA Group has been providing manpower solutions to some of the top organization of national & International repute like Prime Minister's Office, Amazon, Maruti, Honda, Nestle, PepsiCo etc to name a few for more than 35 years now.

On-Site Managed Services

Time to leave your manpower management in safe hands. With 35K people on our payroll we can handle demand fluctuations- Efficiently.

National Recruitment Services

Unskilled/Skilled people working for you. On our Payroll- All over India, Managed through one single interface.

Payroll Outsourcing

Get rid of managing salaries/compliances for large manpower. We have the experience and infrastructure to manage it more efficiently than anyone around.


We have the Acumen, Infrastructure, Experience and the required Strength to deliver such manpower!


We deeply associate with government initiatives like Make in India & Skill India. To put it simply, our mission at SUKHMAA is to make the world around us a better place to live and work. Through our 360-degree employment services, we’re passionate about creating opportunities and delivering outcomes that lead to better people, better businesses, and ultimately better India.

Today, with 35000 staff across the country, and a customer base of above 150, we remain committed to meeting the needs of large-scale operations with diversified skill requirements, in a way that allows them to get on with doing what they do best.


General Administration

Unskilled general duty staff for day to day housekeeping and routine operations!

Warehouse Personnel

Manpower for operations where you need little educated (Blue Collar) people!

Engineering Activities

Skilled workforce, Engineers/ITI's, technicians to manage ongoing technical operations!

Shop & Floor

Skilled/unskilled/Semi skilled manpower to manage light operations for Shop & Floor!


Manpower to manage line operations, packaging assembly etc.


Short term heavy technical skilled person for specific needs!